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Tradewinds is a non-governmental and nonprofit organization based in Santa Fe, New Mexico dedicated to ecological conservation, environmental education, cultural preservation, direct trade and service-learning programs


Tradewinds envisions creating a global community beginning at the local level. We seek feasible economic and environmental change by creating sustainable community networks and globally diversifying and broadening them.


Tradewinds seeks to leave this Earth a better place for future generations by interconnecting people with our diverse resources. Our infrastructure is founded in networking with local educators, businesses, nonprofit organizations, private citizens and civil servants.


We believe the greatest power for change happens when a community discovers what it cares about. By gathering together, we can identify and address our common needs to discover viable solutions that benefit us all.


Join us and our diverse community in creating a harmonious world.

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Man follows the ways of Mother Earth

Mother Earth follows the ways of the Sun

The Sun follows the ways of the Universe

The Universe follows the Tao

And the Tao follows its own ways

- Tao Te Ching

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Tradewinds Artisan Oasis is a fiscally sponsored project of GVNG.ORG and operates under the auspices of GVNG.ORG, a 501c3 public benefit corporation (EIN number 81-2446261). All donations in support of Tradewinds Artisan Oasis are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law for programs operating with a 501c3 status.

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